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Favorite Show/Movies

  • Midsomer Murders
  • The Last Detective
  • Green for Danger
  • The Thin Man (all of them)
  • The Agatha Christie Miss Marple Movie Collection (1962) (Margaret Rutherford)
  • Midnight Lace
  • Rebecca
  • Laura
  • Amelie
  • Cold Comfort Farm
  • Barchester Chronicles
  • Tommy and Tuppence
  • McMillan and Wife
  • Berkeley Square
  • Pride and Prejudice (the BBC mini series)
  • Murder She Wrote (I mean snickering)
  • Hart to Hart (I hear snickering...)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars (excellent series!)
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery
  • Strangers on a Train
  • Rear Window
  • Poirot
  • Midsomer Murders

Stuff I Love

  • Kate Spade Perfume
  • Jo Malone Perfume - Orange Blossom
  • Jeans by Big Star, MEK, Rock Revival, and BKE
  • My Minx Los Feliz bag
  • Tarte Cheek Stain in "Flush"
  • Bare Minerals
  • Burberry Perfume
  • Stephens' Candles
  • 1803 Candles
  • English Riding Helmets
  • Cath Kidston (anything she makes)
  • Green Gate (anything they make)
  • Candles that smell like baked goods
  • Toile & Ticking
  • Old Linens
  • Cabbage Roses
  • Old Umbrellas in an old tall basket
  • Cloches
  • Old Books
  • Nests & Eggs
  • Silver Platters
  • Ironstone (pitchers and platters)
  • Brown Transferware

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May 28, 2007



Those muffins look absolutely delish. I can't wait until Hope is old enough to bake with me. I used to bake with my mom & its one of my favorite memories.

Your kitchen is so nice--love the cabinets, the counters & the island.


Hi Allie- I love your candles and roses, and I am coveting your marble topped island table...!!!!xx


You have a beautiful kitchen!!! I remember watching that show. I like mysteries too.
Those muffins you delish!!


Any chance you are willing to pass along the recipe?


The muffins look so delicious. Do you pass along
recipes? You have a beautiful kitchen! The flowers are beautiful too. I usually can't keep flowers very long. I am new to your blog, thanks for letting me
browse... I love all your antiques. I started to antique shop again and my oldest daughter and I are
hooked. I love old things and like to incorporate them into my arts and scrapbooking. ENJOYED your blog!!


I, too, was wondering if there was any chance of you posting the recipe for the muffins, they look so good. You have a very attractive kitchen, I really like the big wooden table.


That looks so lovely, you have a beautiful kitchen !!! Those cakes look so very yummy, I get hungry just looking at them. That butter bell is very pretty, that would be something to look for !!
Have a great day !!!


Your kitchen looks so clean and calm and still in that photo with the candle. Mine achieves that look about once every millenium. I love all the white and the coral roses too. And the muffins make me gain weight just looking at them.

Ah, I covet your kitchen. We have ugly green countertops and old floors and cabinets...begging hubbo for a re-model!!

Have a great day!


Allison, your kitchen looks so cozy and warm. I love your Butter bell. I have a French Butter keeper that I got years ago at a pottery shop in Colorado. I love using when I have company because the butter stays nice and soft and spreadable!
I love the little brown transferware plates on your wall. I just got a couple at TJMaxx a couple of months ago. I love them!


What a warm and inviting kitchen you have. It's beautiful, you have a knack for decorating and those muffins look yummo. Would love the recipe if you care to share.




What a nice cozy breakfast- the butter bell sounds nice. My grandmother uses one, too!

What do your kitchen canisters look like?


Gypsy Purple-Chamara

How precious...this is stunning!!!!

Robin Sherwood

Can't want to try these muffins. They look delicious.


I love your kitchen, Allie! Is that a black Kitchen Aide mixer I see on your counter? I've been wanting a black one for so long!

Sue Giannotta

You and your daughter are adorable. Love the cozy, warm kitchen pictures.
Life At Home


The muffins do look like nummies! You have a beautiful kitchen. It must be so much fun to bake and create there! The outdoor photos of your house in your previous post are also lovely. Looks like you have a beautiful neighborhood. Hope you do indeed get to sit and read very soon!


Very pretty kitchen!


Allie, your kitchen is SO pretty, love that marble topped island. So cozy! What a sweet thing to bake with your daughter.

Southern Hospitality


Your kitchen is simply lovely. I adore your center island. The marble top is wonderful.
Love the butter bell too.

You have such a knack for putting it all together and oh does that recipe sound delicious! It is going straight into my file of recipes to try!

Thank you for that!

Southern Heart

Allison, your kitchen is gorgeous, and the flowers and candle do create a charming scene. Thank you for sharing the wonderful recipe, too...I'm always in search of recipes for nummies! (your daughter is so sweet!!).




Thanks, for sharing this "nummie" recipe...It is I am sitting eating a bit of the, I used a loaf pan, instead...:-)


What a lovely citchen you have Allison, so informal, cozy and warm. Just how i like it :)The green colour on the wall, love it! And the watercan, sweet :)
The muffins look lovely too, i just made some with blue berry, jummy!
I wish you a very nice weekend, hopefully with lovely warm weather :)See ya!

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