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Favorite Show/Movies

  • Midsomer Murders
  • The Last Detective
  • Green for Danger
  • The Thin Man (all of them)
  • The Agatha Christie Miss Marple Movie Collection (1962) (Margaret Rutherford)
  • Midnight Lace
  • Rebecca
  • Laura
  • Amelie
  • Cold Comfort Farm
  • Barchester Chronicles
  • Tommy and Tuppence
  • McMillan and Wife
  • Berkeley Square
  • Pride and Prejudice (the BBC mini series)
  • Murder She Wrote (I mean snickering)
  • Hart to Hart (I hear snickering...)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars (excellent series!)
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery
  • Strangers on a Train
  • Rear Window
  • Poirot
  • Midsomer Murders

Stuff I Love

  • Kate Spade Perfume
  • Jo Malone Perfume - Orange Blossom
  • Jeans by Big Star, MEK, Rock Revival, and BKE
  • My Minx Los Feliz bag
  • Tarte Cheek Stain in "Flush"
  • Bare Minerals
  • Burberry Perfume
  • Stephens' Candles
  • 1803 Candles
  • English Riding Helmets
  • Cath Kidston (anything she makes)
  • Green Gate (anything they make)
  • Candles that smell like baked goods
  • Toile & Ticking
  • Old Linens
  • Cabbage Roses
  • Old Umbrellas in an old tall basket
  • Cloches
  • Old Books
  • Nests & Eggs
  • Silver Platters
  • Ironstone (pitchers and platters)
  • Brown Transferware

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August 18, 2007



Hi Allison,
Sounds like a fun day to me. I love all of you lovely purchases, especially the cloche. I love those too. I have 3 also.
I tivoed the High School Musical 2 last night, but I haven't watched it yet.
Have a great weekend!


Ooh such wonderful finds! Hope you have a great day and a great weekend!!


wow. I love Southern Living and it looks like you had a great time. Im glad you found somethings you liked.


Hi, I love the Haupt sale...Deb is a sweetheart. Do you ever go to the huge show at Oronoco? I went yesterday and I am recharging today! it is huge...and we walked all day. You will have to check it out, it is once a year in Aug. and they basically shut this small little town of Oronco down and fill the streets, alleys, yards with a thousand dealers! to fun...take care,Gail


When I was a child my grandmother kept her buttons in a "Baby Ben" box. I don't believe I ever saw the clock, but the reference reminds me of my dear grammy.



I envy you going to the Junk Bonanza! I discoverd Sue and Ki when they first started out. There website was sooo different then! It was when they were in there first place, before the book, before being contributing editors of my fav country mag. Have fun when there and try to take pictures! Are you going to the early admission?


Great finds as always!


You found some great things! I do remember the article on Haupt in CL magazine. You are lucky that you have other shows to look forward to attending. I caught the end of High School Musical 2 last night. I think it comes on tonight, so I'll have to try to watch it.


Allie, I always enjoy your pretty pictures. Love that landscape print & the cloche & eggs. So very pretty!



Hi there!
I wanted to post immediately when I read your post about your dad, but I was so touched that I didn't really know what to say without sounding like a dork. I think what you wrote about him was so beautiful and heartfelt. Also, what a handsome fellow. WOW! Reminds me of a couple of actors from back in the day.
I enjoy your blog very much...especially the pics of your home and your antique finds. I'll be reading...


My first time on your blog, I don't know how I ended up here but I enjoyed the visit very much.
I LOVE CLOCHES TOO, they are so pretty and make anything you put over them even more incredible.
I love yours, I want to get more in different sizes and now the hunt is on to find one to fit over my cake plate. Thanks for the idea.

:) Bren


Love your finds! Especially that clock--I've been looking for one like it.


I love the Haupt sale. I try to go every month. You never know what goodies you will find next. I live about 5 miles from there so it is hard not to go!


Hi Allison!! Sounds like you had loads of fun! I think you are being admirably rstrained holding back for the big antique fair!! Not sure I would have your willpower!! I love the candles, and of course the cloche!! And, I really like the painting above your bed- does it have a title, it really reminds me of a famous painting, and I can't think which one! It looks a bit 'impressionisty' in style, doesn't it!
Have a lovely week-'see' you soon! xx


Sounds like you had a great day planned! I love your cloches - definitely one of my favorite things!


I just found your blog. Quite charming.
The painting...I have the same one. I bought mine about 10 years ago in a tiny antique store. It was love at first sight. And the one thing that made it so special is the tiny village with the red roofs. Several years before my Dad died, he had a dream of standing on the top of a hill looking down on a village with red roofs. I cried when I first saw it in the store and I cry still at times when I take the time to look at it. He's in Heaven now and I have a feeling that there is a village there with red roofs. :)
Blessings to you


Allison, I love the cloche over your eggs. That's just the sweetest centerpiece.
I also wanted to comment on your post about your Dad! You reflect all the wonderful things you know about him and just remember that he lives on in you and your little girl. That's the wonderful thing about being a parent, a part of us exists even when we are gone.
Your Mom should be very proud of you and you of her, she did a fantastic job of raising you.


Great finds, all of them! I look forward to the treasures from your next fieldtrip!


I have a Big Ben rofl! I saw a baby ben at the coast and am kicking myself for not getting it. I love your vignettes Allison! Thanks for the heads up on the candles. cherry


I just love that clock! Thanks for the tip on the candles too...I will have to check that out. I'm a Yankee candle nut but I'm always looking for new yummy ones :) Have a great day!



Wow! What fabulous finds and you've displayed them so nicely! Your earlier post about your father brought a lump to my throat and tears rolling down my face. No words seemed fit to write. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Sandy :)


Just wanted to tell you that your home is beautiful. I don't blog, but love to read some and yours is one. Your home looks so cozy and peaceful. Thanks for sharing~Rosemary~

Karin (creativechaos)

Sounds like a fun day! I would love to go to that Junk Market! It sounds great.....can't wait to see what you get!


nothing profound to add...just had to comment that I LOVE Midsomer-Murders...quite a nasty little part of England though..all those murders, year after year!


I just got that book used on amazon. Love it!!! I can't wait for fall. I am down here in GA. The heat is melting us. We can't wait for fall. It's my favorite time of the year. Love your blog.


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