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  • Midsomer Murders
  • The Last Detective
  • Green for Danger
  • The Thin Man (all of them)
  • The Agatha Christie Miss Marple Movie Collection (1962) (Margaret Rutherford)
  • Midnight Lace
  • Rebecca
  • Laura
  • Amelie
  • Cold Comfort Farm
  • Barchester Chronicles
  • Tommy and Tuppence
  • McMillan and Wife
  • Berkeley Square
  • Pride and Prejudice (the BBC mini series)
  • Murder She Wrote (I mean snickering)
  • Hart to Hart (I hear snickering...)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars (excellent series!)
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery
  • Strangers on a Train
  • Rear Window
  • Poirot
  • Midsomer Murders

Stuff I Love

  • Kate Spade Perfume
  • Jo Malone Perfume - Orange Blossom
  • Jeans by Big Star, MEK, Rock Revival, and BKE
  • My Minx Los Feliz bag
  • Tarte Cheek Stain in "Flush"
  • Bare Minerals
  • Burberry Perfume
  • Stephens' Candles
  • 1803 Candles
  • English Riding Helmets
  • Cath Kidston (anything she makes)
  • Green Gate (anything they make)
  • Candles that smell like baked goods
  • Toile & Ticking
  • Old Linens
  • Cabbage Roses
  • Old Umbrellas in an old tall basket
  • Cloches
  • Old Books
  • Nests & Eggs
  • Silver Platters
  • Ironstone (pitchers and platters)
  • Brown Transferware

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October 28, 2007


Laurie Anne

It is good to know that I'm not alone in the "brain needs a tune up" club :0) Always enjoy your blog :0)


Hi Allison,
Miss Pumpkin is great, she looks like she belongs in a vintage halloween postcard....... I am glad you took time to take her picture, she really does fit in when talking about halloween.

Priscilla x


Miss Pumpkin does indeed have a great costume! Have a Happy Halloween :)


I am addicted to Sudoku, and I used to time myself on the easy ones. Then my kids gave me a book of difficult ones, and I can't even finish them! LOL

Love your autumn decorations!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio

Miss Pumpkin is just adorable! Love your fall decorations and that mystery cat :-)


Good Allison!! I hope you remember me Ha Ha.
I just got back from my daughter's wedding weekend.
Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my Anniversary blog. I just posted the first wedding pictures.
Thanks for sharing your Disney Halloween extravaganza with us. They do a great job with Halloween and Christmas.
Love your decorations too.


You're so funny! I think we all have times when not a lot is going on, but we need those down days! Also, just being there in your quiet house with your family is so good for your little girl!

Love Miss Pumpkin, what a cute constume!

I also really like your fall decorations on your dining room table.....very pretty and that gourd does look fake, it is so shiny and perfect!

How sweet that your grandfather gives you a calendar every year, what a great gift idea. I wonder if you should save them or cut out your favorite pictures and perhaps frame them just to remember him by? Sometimes if I don't really want to display a picture on my wall on put them on the inside of cuboard doors and you get so see them everytime you open the door!

Have a wonderful week! And have fun trick or treating with your little one!

:0) Sharon


I love your updates! And, I'm glad to hear that there are others out there that like the same homey things as I do :)


oh, i love Miss Pumpkin! that is soo neat! :) I think it is so funny how you got Steve in that one pic by accident!!! Always love your decor and your pics! :) thanks so much for sharing!


I wish I could dress like Miss Pumpkin and not be 302'd right into the looney bin. She's gorgeous!



I want to be Miss Pumpkin:):)
Everything looks great.
Happy Halloween week!


I saw agreat book @ Borders that reminded me of you. "Nancy Drew's Guide to Life". It is one of the little 3"x3" books only $6. and great quotes from the books on how to live your life. Check it out next time you are @ Borders. It will make you LOL.


Hi Allison,
Don't sell yourself short! You have a lot to say and share. Your photos are such fun. Miss Pumpkin would be a really great costume for Halloween. Can you picture handing out the candy dressed in that? Maybe you can even sing and dance!


So cute of your grandfather to buy you a calendar each year...!!! Lucky you to have one so devoted!!



You are so cute! You crack me up. Love that hanging cat wherever it came from. I'm glad you are enjoying your sudoku. If you go to our newspaper's website they have a daily online puzzle you can do too. There will be no stopping you once you finish sharpening that mind.

Daisy Bouquet

Love the cat. Happy Halloween Weey. Mary


Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

jean conklin

I love your decorations...Halloween has always been one of my favorite times. Sooo fun! Thanks for the great pictures...


I am totally loving doing Sudoku lately, too! I do the one in the paper everyday and bought a book of them at the dollar store! I only do them with a pencil and eraser, though! Those 5 star ones are such an accomplishment when you get through them.
Love seeing your decorating ideas!


oh, we saw miss pumpkin yesterday! her dress was so fabulous! glad i wasn't the only one who enjoyed her. :)


Miss Pumpkin's dress is so cute! Love your black cat hanger too!


Happy Halloween!


Hehehe I know what you mean about the memory. Love the pictures by the way. Take care.

Sarah x


Luv'n Miss Pumpkin! She's great! Your black cat is a cutie!


Hi Allison-thanks for all the lovely comments! It's good to be home and catching up on things!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend, bet you will be sad to have to take down your lovely Halloween decorations-I know I am!! Hope Evy really enjoyed her Halloween-can you believe not one Trick or Treater knocked on our door!! My mum had only 1 or 2 callers!! Such a shame!
Anyway, have a lovely weekend-I'm enjoying the crisp Autumn weather! xxx

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