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  • Midsomer Murders
  • The Last Detective
  • Green for Danger
  • The Thin Man (all of them)
  • The Agatha Christie Miss Marple Movie Collection (1962) (Margaret Rutherford)
  • Midnight Lace
  • Rebecca
  • Laura
  • Amelie
  • Cold Comfort Farm
  • Barchester Chronicles
  • Tommy and Tuppence
  • McMillan and Wife
  • Berkeley Square
  • Pride and Prejudice (the BBC mini series)
  • Murder She Wrote (I mean snickering)
  • Hart to Hart (I hear snickering...)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Veronica Mars (excellent series!)
  • Manhattan Murder Mystery
  • Strangers on a Train
  • Rear Window
  • Poirot
  • Midsomer Murders

Stuff I Love

  • Kate Spade Perfume
  • Jo Malone Perfume - Orange Blossom
  • Jeans by Big Star, MEK, Rock Revival, and BKE
  • My Minx Los Feliz bag
  • Tarte Cheek Stain in "Flush"
  • Bare Minerals
  • Burberry Perfume
  • Stephens' Candles
  • 1803 Candles
  • English Riding Helmets
  • Cath Kidston (anything she makes)
  • Green Gate (anything they make)
  • Candles that smell like baked goods
  • Toile & Ticking
  • Old Linens
  • Cabbage Roses
  • Old Umbrellas in an old tall basket
  • Cloches
  • Old Books
  • Nests & Eggs
  • Silver Platters
  • Ironstone (pitchers and platters)
  • Brown Transferware

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August 12, 2009



Wow....a 9 hr drive!? I am soo not good at long distances! Hope you had a nice time at the reunion though! Love all the pics you shared! :) Have a great rest of the week!


I don't quite know what my deal is but I love gnomes. They just make you smile! Glad you are home safe and sound.


You go girl. We did an 8 hour drive a few years back and ugh! Never again. Fabulous backyard photos. Love the gnome.


I love the gnome... He looks like he has just always lived there. In that tree. For centuries. And peonies...yes, yes, yes! It's always a rotating answer for me when asked about my fave flower...hydrangeas, peonies, and gardenias. I have about six peony bushes, and I have somehow managed to plan trips during their blooming times for the past two years. And by the time I get home, they are brown and kissing the ground. This coming year... I *WILL* be home to watch my peonies bloom, so help me!!! I discovered picnik about a year And easy. Which for me is a must. :o) Onto Monk...I had never seen an episode until recently. My husband insisted that I watch it because he calls me "Monk" all the time because of, well, let's call them my "particular ways." Am I OCD? No. Am I completely anal retentive about almost everything? Guilty. Okay, I'm seriously not as bad as Monk...but I do see some eerie similarities...Haha!


Great pictures - flowers are beautiful! Love the path too - looks like it'd be great for kids to explore! Hope you are well and recovered from the super long drives! Catherine x

Josephine Tale Pedder

I love the little gnome! So sweet but he needs a gnome wife! I also love peonies. My old dog Brownie died several years ago and my father buried her under her favourite peony bush. The photographs all look beautiful. I will have to explore that photography site. Enjoy your weekend Allison. xx


A 9 hr drive with a child?? God Bless You!!! I just finished up a 1 hr. airplane ride with Hope & it just about drove me up the wall :)

I love your photos of your yard. I see that you have used several varieties that work in shady areas, which is what I have as well.


I love the little gnome peeking in your back garden! So sweet!

Evy is an angel to behave on such a long journey. :O)

I love picnik. It's my latest obsession. I can't upload any photos without 'picniking' it first!

Have a lovely week

Sadie C


and after all that I forgot to say what gorgeous flowers you have! I love roses and peonies. We've just planted another new peony this year, so I'm looking forward to seeing it flower next year.



Hi there,
Thanks for sharing! Love the photos. Glad you had a fun time. I loved the new Psych!! We love that show, it cracks me up. Plus they have Santa Barbara refferences. I'm only an hour away from Santa Barbara. Even though they don't film it there.
Have a great week,


I love peonies, yours is so pretty! Also love your back yard and that little path to nowhere! :)


I love all of the beautiful pictures of your home! Your decorating style is so delightful!

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Each photo was so beautiful in a wonderful and unique way.This was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed looking.

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Great pictures - flowers are beautiful! Love the path too looks like it'd be great for kids to explore!

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Absolutely love all the are one lucky girl to have privacy like that!!! Can appreciate your pathway so very much - look forward to seeing where it goes...."someday"

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